Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick Takes: Proud Mama Edition

And in the nick of time….

1. I am one proud mama! At the wonderful Bioethics Defense Fund event this evening, my younger daughter gave a short testimonial to those in attendance. It was her first shot at public speaking, and she did an amazing job! Poised and eloquent. I think the girl may have found her calling!

That's my girl!!

What an honor that our beloved Bishop Thomas Olmsted was in attendance:

Why, yes! That is the same red dress I wear to every event now!

2. The week started out fantastically as well, with an awesome blogger meet up last Sunday! Alison from Matching Moonheads flew in to town, and Danya (He Adopted Me First), JoAnna (A Star of Hope) and I got to have a fun girls' lunch together! As usual with these blogger meet-ups, we could have gabbed for hours!!

Life is good when you blog!

3. Loved the fact that sweet Alison, above, who looks like she is about 19, has her Ph.D (as does her dear, fresh-faced husband)! We've got a highly educated group of Catholic blogger ladies around these parts, as there are at least two more Ph.D's in our midst (I'm thinking of Stacy at Accepting Abundance, and Wheelbarrow Rider). You go, girls! Who says we devout Catholic women are uneducated, unenlightened and oppressed?

4. What do I do now? I had a few more quick takes semi-prepared, but they are just too dang depressing to include with the joyful stuff. I don't wanna include them anymore! So, as my (then) six-year-old said happily when in the middle of a family play with his cousins, I might go random….

5. My favorite sport is baseball. I love baseball. I love it so much that the very first research paper ever I wrote was on the history of the Negro Leagues. (The second one I wrote was on the history of demonic possession! I should post that one on the Bubble, but I don't want to scare y'all!)

6. My elder daughter has this quote from Saint Augustine on her facebook page, which I love:
I have read in Plato and Cicero sayings that are wise and very beautiful; but I have never read in either of them: Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden. 
His yoke is easy, His burden is light. Thank you, Jesus.

7. I love bamboo sheets. Have you ever heard of bamboo sheets??? Neither had I, until I bought some a few years ago. It is like a foretaste of Heaven to sleep on those sheets. They are calling me…. See ya!!

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. Love the red dress!! Don't you just want to play that old song "Lady in Red" ? You look beautiful, and your daughter, looks just like you, she's blessed and beautiful too!!

    I like that St Augustine quote...really good.

  2. Hahaha...Thanks for the uplifting and lighthearted post! I was feeling so burdened with reality last week that I was having trouble sleeping, going about my day in a fog of swirling thoughts, and I had to take a break from reading almost everything except my son's Hardy Boys books. :) You are a tough lady to blog on the weighty stuff on a regular basis.

  3. You must be so proud of your daughter! She looked like a natural behind that podium!

    If you live bamboo sheets, you've gotta get some bamboo clothes! I have a wrap that is made of bamboo and it is AMAZING!

  4. Thank you for sharing a piece of your family with us! These blogs (and people who respond) are the highlight of my day!


  5. I love your red dress! :)

    I know somebody who bought bamboo socks and they fell apart after a few washes...I'm guessing that doesn't happen with sheets? lol

  6. Never heard of bamboo sheets. I've heard of bamboo flooring and furniture. Now I have to look it up. Love bamboo!

    Yes, your daughter looks just like you! You have such a nice looking family! And it's so neat that you had another blogger meet-up!

  7. Wow at number 1!!! You guys are too beautiful and awesome. Great job. Wish I could've been there.

    I love bamboo stuff. So comfy.

    I want to read the demonic possession paper!! Pleeeeease!!! :)

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for the Bioethics Defense Fund link. What a great website!

  9. Thanks guys!!

    Kara, I will have to dig that up!

    Kathleen, BDF is the most AWESOME organization! They speak to law students and med students about things they are never going to hear anywhere else. And the legislation they draft… wow. You just would be fascinated to hear the stories of the things they do. It blows me away every time. And almost no one else does this stuff. And on a shoestring budget. So proud to call these humble servants my friends.

  10. Wow, thanks for the shout out! Your daughter looks like a mini you! I am so proud of her, can't imagine how much YOU must be busting! Bamboo sheet: must look more into these! I love hearing about meet ups-living vicariously!

  11. Every right to be a "Proud Mama" - thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh Bamboo sheets...? I must look into this!
    What a big accomplishment for your daughter! I'd be proud too.
    Have a good Sunday.

  13. Love the red dress! I always end up with a "wear everywhere" dress outfit, too. Makes it so much easier to decide what to put on! :) Your dress is just the perfect thing to wear at all your kids' Confirmations, too!

    I read your quick takes just after buying non-bamboo sheets for my son's bed. Now I'm thinking I'm not as good a mother as I could be. Will have to see if Penney's carries them!

    How old is your daughter, Leila? You only have one in college, right? The school they go to must be awesome, not to mention the parental influence!

    I'm glad you kept the Quick Takes light. My head still hurts from the last big discussion! :)

  14. Kudos to your daughter for her public speaking.
    That's a mighty fine red dress for Official Events and Important Functions. I use to have a navy blue dress for such things, but sadly I outgrew it . . . I mean it shrunk.
    Love that going random remark.

  15. One more thing. I am only half kidding, but is there still enough bamboo for the pandas? I like pandas especially baby ones.

  16. Sharon, she is 17! And my two oldest are at college… hard to believe!

    I know… I am keeping things light because I just find it so hard to talk about the Culture of Death so often, and have people defend it so strongly. It's disturbing to the soul, actually. Gotta find that balance!

    Lena, ha ha! And, I am not sure about the bamboo… I still wonder "how is this made with bamboo???"

  17. congrats on your daughter's speech :) And I am planning to ask for bamboo sheets for Christmas - thanks for the tip!

  18. I just recently bought some bamboo sheets. They are wonderful. So is the comment by you son... It is so nice when your hard work as a parent pays off...

  19. Sorry I had to miss the BDF benefit - looks like it was a great time! yay for your kids!

  20. EandE, I got mine at Macy's, I think? They were on sale. It was the best purchase ever!

  21. Your daughter looks like a pro! Future leader! And you are lovely in your dress. Great quote in #6!


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