Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Takes: The Happy Edition!

Often, life is just too dark and depressing, and so today it's time to be happy!

1. Sometimes I use the term "LOL" which of course means that I'm laughing out loud which of course I'm really not. I am only laughing in my head. It is a very rare moment when I am actually moved to laugh out loud at anything that I see or read. So when that rare moment comes, I promise to share the source with you. I did that when I saw this from Devin Rose and now I share the following with you as well:

I was laughing raucously (interiorly only) until I hit a point at #5 which just made me burst out, audibly. Thank you, Marc Barnes, for making the world (and the blogosphere) a happier place!

2. After a terribly sad and disappointing outcome with Grace In My Heart's failed adoption (a process that I initiated), I was just so grateful at how kind she was to me in her loss. But I never expected the level of graciousness that followed, when I received an unexpected package in the mail, with a lovely thank you note and a set of the most adorable onesies I've ever seen! Check this out:


Yes, this beautiful and talented woman custom made little Bubble onesies for me and for you. She knows I love to give out prizes and suggested these could be an option! I don't think I stopped smiling all day. If you feel you have or could have a Future Bubble Reader, tell me why you want need this onesie (Mr. Bear not included)! It's a giveaway on this very happy edition of QT! (Because only the Good Lord knows when I will get around to another Doctrinal Quiz Show!)

3. Last weekend we rounded up everyone and went to visit our two oldest children who are away at college. The boys especially missed their elder brother, whom they had not seen in two months. This shot, of my oldest son taking some of his brothers on a private walk to the underpass, is a personal favorite. It was taken within minutes of the happy reunion:

You should've seen their smiles!

4. Did you know that there is only one passage in the Bible that describes Jesus as "rejoicing" here on earth? What would cause Him this joy? Here it is:
In that same hour, he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, "I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will." (Luke 10:21)
Jesus loved children profoundly ("Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God"), and that fact causes me to rejoice and be happy as well.

5. Speaking of Jesus (and LOLing -- though this did not make me actually laugh out loud):

But it did make me happy. :)

6. Remember "Gayle in the Bubble"? I happily announce that I will link to Gayle's weekly reflections on the upcoming Sunday readings just as often as my very slow brain remembers to do so. For this Sunday:

What a great way to prepare for Mass!

7. If there is something you want to share that made you laugh or made you happy recently, I'm all ears. Let's hear it!

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. Needed that today...after the night I had, I'm not feeling very happy!

  2. I need that onesie bc 1) I'm 6 months pregnant and 2) I plan on including, "BUBBLE READING CLASS" as a part of my children's home-schooling curriculum and 3) (in the spirit of the occupiers) I'm entitled to it! ;)

  3. OK...if you are not laughing out loud enough, then you are not reading Simcha Fischer enough. Try her latest post about naming kids...too funny.

  4. Your boys are adorable! That picture is so sweet!

    Ok. I need that onesie because I totally believe in arranged marriages. Mary-Grace and Hannah (and any other future children) will be required to read your blog and take advantage of your amazing matchmaking skills. Perhaps we can even arrange for a bubble boy. ;)

  5. Loved Marc's post!

    OK, so we already spoken about a match between my teen son and your teen daughter. Check.

    Now, I have four little girls that will all match your four little boys. Let's get to work. Maybe we'll have Bubble Abundance grandbabies one day!!!

  6. Thank you for #5. I needed that! And I did truly LOL.

  7. PS Grace in My Heart truly lives up to her name. :-)

  8. I love the picture of your boys and am very jealous!

  9. I agree with Mary, reading Simcha should help you laugh out loud a bit more. I laugh so hard at stuff on the net sometimes my family thinks I'm insane, but that's ok.

    If I win the onesie my Charlotte would wear it and I'd make you hand deliver it, which is a win/win in my book! hehe. I will definitely be referring to The Bubble when helping my kids with their questions about our faith. I already refer to it for my husband! I know all the stuff, but I have a hard time explaining it, so this blog rocks.

    #1 made me LOL too. I posted it last week in my Quick Takes. It's one of my favs.

    Thanks for your happy quick takes. I needed it this morning. I woke up super crabby. <3

  10. The little bear in the onesie made me smile! I'm so glad you like them. :) And your boys?! Too cute.

  11. I need that onesie because the baby I'm currently expecting is the first of my children who has been exposed to the Bubble from the moment of conception (or, more accurately, probably since the morning after his/her conception). How could s/he NOT be a Future Bubble Reader?!

  12. Mary, for an OT name for boys, I notice she did not ban the name, Cain. I think Cain is a pretty awesome name, only...he murdered his brother. Fellow Catholics: Is this name allowed??? I don't think I could do it...but Cain is a really cool name. Why couldn't Abel have been the one who killed Cain? (my apologies if any of you named your kid Abel)

  13. Oh my gosh, these are too funny!! GIMH, can you make me some more?????

  14. Mary, if you liked Simcha's article you should check out this site:

    It literally makes me laugh until I cry!

  15. Okay, I couldn't resist. Baby B definitely NEEDS this onesie, because reading the Bubble will be a requirement if they are going to go on to be a Saint, which you know we are all called to be! (Of course, the Bible will be required reading as well, along with Catechism, but the Bubble will be the 3rd pillar of Catholic wisdom that I am definitely going to make sure is known in our house). Even if I do dislike controversy and rarely ever comment on those posts because of such an aversion, but that doesn't mean I don't agree with the is just the comments that sometimes get my stomach in knots.

    But where was I...yes, back to Baby B - please, oh please can Baby B be blessed with the onesie!!!! :)

  16. I love the onesie original!

    I especially love that picture of Jesus with the Twitter comment! That made me LOL and I hardly ever LOL!

  17. Ohhhh mannn, I am the biggest name geek, this is gonna be great. Reading that now. Thanks JoAnna.

  18. Hope I'm not too late!!!! My baby needs that onesie for SURE! Poor kid hardly has any clothes! haha! Plus, he/she will OBVIOUSLY be a bubble reader ;)

  19. Thanks, I needed this happy post! Lol. I could NOT stop laughing at the "5 Ways Opening Doors for Women Can Go Wrong!"

  20. Of COURSE Brigid needs this onesie-- it will be the only article of her clothing that hasn't been handed down to her from Clare! Every child needs SOMETHING special just for him/her!

  21. OH man, Leila! How are going to chose?! :)

  22. when i type LOL... im actually probably laughing out loud, unless im in a really awkward place to laugh out loud.

    and the picture of your boys is adorable. so sweet how close they are!

  23. For something happy...

    Two friends of mine finally got married this weekend. I say "finally" because they've been dating for seven years. At the wedding, it struck me that this was the only wedding I'd been to or even heard of that was designed so that the emphasis would be on the ceremony, not the reception. It's great to see two relatively young people (say I, who is two years younger than they) who realize that it's not about the dancing and the cake but rather about the promise they make in the presence of God.

  24. Leo needs the onesie because after the embarrassing display his brother and sister put on at mass last night, reading the bubble might be his only hope of being a nice, well mannered boy.


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