Friday, May 27, 2011

My first real Quick Takes!

I can't believe it. It's my first official Quick Takes!

In no particular order:

1.  I want to take "Gender Spectrum Diversity Training" and punch it in the nose. Oh, and if it comes near my kindergartner, I will kick it in its genderless area.

2.  I had something else written here for #2, but I thought better of it. Instead, I offer this: Whenever I get down about the state of the world and the blurry, relativistic road this culture is sliding down, I smile at Jesus. Literally, I look at my crucifix, and I smile at Him. His words are unambiguous: 

"In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world." 
Yes, Lord, You have.

And when I have a particularly difficult time with some of the ideas that come across this blog or in the news, I look up ever so slightly to see the lovely figure of my Blessed Mother Mary, smiling down at me. And the peace comes. And I smile back and thank her.

My view when I blog.
(When I remember to look up!)
We are so blessed. How can we help but be joyful?

3.  Yesterday I had a kindergarten graduate!

4.  Tomorrow I have a high school graduate!

5.  Unanswered questions. Miss Gwen, I would sincerely appreciate a response to my comment. I truly don't get it. Also, still looking for someone who can walk me through an alternate scenario (if Jesus didn't die and rise). For example, "After the wild dogs came and ate Jesus' body, the Apostles did such and such because of this and that…." Just something specific and plausible. Anyone?

6.  I seriously wish I could make my home pretty like so many of my fellow bloggers do. Or, I wish I had a budget which would allow for a decorator to help my sorry self in that area!

7.  I did something soooooo stupid. During my attempt to get (even better) photos of my crucifix and Mary statue on this blog post, I accidentally put the camera's memory card in the slot where a DVD/CD is supposed to go (which, on my Mac, is slightly above where the memory card slot is located). With one ill-advised push of my finger, the memory card was almost completely swallowed up! So, I quickly found some thin sharp objects and a flashlight and began to extricate the memory card from the wrong slot. My efforts resulted in pushing the memory card further in and completely out of sight! I guess I have to take my computer to the Apple store now to get the stinkin' thing out?? It could be worse: I could still have all the photos of Kindergarten graduation on that lost memory card, but I had uploaded them minutes earlier. Whew!  **Update! My wonderful husband found an online tutorial for how to get a memory card out of that CD slot! He got it out! Yay!

I'm not sure this first Quick Takes was very interesting. Will it be my last?? In any event, thanks to Jen for hosting! Have a great weekend!



  1. Congratulations on you two graduates!
    Your story about the memory card is very recognizable. I remember my mother putting the parking ticket in the cd-player in the car. As soon as she realised what she had done, she had all these doom scenario's running through her head. Not only would we have to go to the garage, we would also have to pay a lot for the parking, as we had 'lost' our ticket. After a minute of just staring at the cd-player, my mother pushed the eject button, and lo and behold, the ticket came out!
    I fear that won't work with your memory card though ...

  2. Congrats on your grads!
    And glad you changed #2...I needed to see that today.

  3. This was very interesting Leila. I read your comment to Miss Gwen. Sadly, I have known many a Miss Gwen's in my life and I myself have been know to have a really strong emotional reactions to very calm sensible statements. Thankfully thru prayer and the reading of EXCELLANT books from catholic authors who have stood the test of time I have worked thru these sad/resentful/angry/negative emotions, and am at peace with my self and the world.
    A new book was just released by Art and Laraine Bennett...."the Emotions God Gave You". EXCELLANT EXCELLANT reading for ANYONE who wants to understand our God given emotions.
    Blessings upon you and yours.
    Google account is still giving me trouble posting :-(

    May 27, 2011 4:14 AM

  4. Your house IS pretty because YOU and your precious ones are IN IT!

  5. Oh, gotta love slot-loading CD drives. If you can try to keep the slot open somehow and turn your monitor (it's a desktop, yes?) sideways and shake it out, maybe that'll work. Otherwise, yes, go to the Apple store! I'm sure they get this a lot.

    Also, congrats on your kids' graduations! :)

  6. In regards to 1) Why are they wasting class time on something like this? I am all for bullying prevention as no one should have to go to school and fear that their classmates will be unreasonably cruel, but a program like this is not going to prevent bullying; it's been fairly conclusively proven that a bully will not target only a specific group and will go for any kid who isn't strictly average--which is pretty much any kid! Even if kids stopped bullying based on gender and gender expectations, the bullies will start teasing the kids with green eyes or the kids who got their growth spurt early.

    Also, congratulations to your children!

  7. Great quick takes Leila!
    Love your Blessed Mother statuette.

    Genderless is inane. Falling wrongly on a bike bar, taking a low blow wayward hit at a pinanta party, and fielding a one hopper in baseball will pretty much guarantee, yep, there's a specific body part there! Boy or girl, it's gonna hurt! Raising kids genderless doesn't erase this reality.

    Blessed Friday!

  8. Leila, I've thought of doing this too. I read other people's 7 Quick Takes Fridays and they are fun! I have a little altar over my computer too.

    Yikes! I looked at some of the blog designers and they are expensive - so I'll just be sticking to free Blogger templates. I just pay $10/year for the web address. Anyway if you changed your blog you would change the LCB! It's supposed to look so bright and cheerful. :-)

  9. Update on the slot problem above. YAY!

    Stacy, I should have been more clear, as I was talking about my actual home (house). I wish I were a decorator! Yes, my candy/ice cream colored Bubble is here to stay. It's about the only decorating I sorta like that I can do! :)

  10. Collin had to take his Mac to the Apple Store once because William stuck a toy gold coin into the slot (we had recently been to an arcade, and I guess he was trying to play a game on the Mac by inserting money?). Luckily they were able to remove it with no damage to the computer!

    Congrats on popping your Quick Takes cherry. ;)

  11. KICK some Gender Diversity butt!!!-----wind 'er up good and then BOOT IT sister! :)

  12. I second Danya's comment! and Ashley's!
    Also, congratulations to your graduates - what fun! Graduations are finally done with here - my two youngest are home - have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with your family. Thanks to all of our wonderful service men/women past and present!

  13. Memory card- this totally happened to me, except it was not even my own computer that I jammed it into! I was able to get it out using a butter knife with a strip of double sided . Here's the whole story...

    Good luck!

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