Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Curious: Snacks!

So many stressful and sad goings on here lately.... Not only in my own life and family, but in at least three of my friends' lives and families. I almost think the planet is off its axis. Thankfully, the promises of Christ are intact and the storms cannot wipe us away.

Please forgive me then, as I turn to something lighter to keep me sane: Snacks! I am just curious about which snacks get you through this crazy life.

I must first introduce you to a snack that I've been eating for years, but that I only recently learned how to pronounce (mostly because I couldn't be bothered looking at the name while I was ripping open the bag)....

Give me my Gardetto's and we will all be fine.

Next, if salty is not the order of the day, I can think of one other snack that will do it every time:

That is correct: Godiva dark chocolate, and Godiva dark chocolate with raspberry filling. Mind you, "Godiva as snack" is not really accurate, as it's a merely a twice or thrice a year indulgence. Usually a birthday or Christmas gift. Unless it's on sale at Macy's.

Your turn. What snacks keep you going?


  1. Sugar snap peas dipped in hummus. I am obsessed with hummus.

    Or, herbed goat cheese on triscuits.

  2. banana with peanut butter... mmm.
    crackers w/laughing cow cheese..
    and I refrigerate dark chocolate chips and eat those by the handful. ha...sometimes I put them on my banana w/peanut butter - growing up we called that "bees on a boat" :)

    Maggie have you had the roasted pepper hummus with pine nuts on the top? YUM!!!! SO good!

  3. I'm an equal opportunity snacker, I will eat pretty much anything delicious. Chex Mix is a fav. Or dark chocolate. Or chips and salsa. or Cadbury creme eggs. Or guacamole. Or Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids might be my ultimate favorite. But you get the idea. I don't discriminate. :)

  4. Cucumber slices topped with a mixture of sesame oil and soy sauce. (light on the oil)

    PS Hope things turn out OK Leila.

  5. Homemade peanut butter chocolate fudge (that's the only time you'll see me eat peanut butter), boiled eggs (so easy and quick protein), yogurt, guacamole & corn tortilla chips

    It has been a rough week, hasn't it? So hard to understand some things...

  6. Homemade bread and butter (or cheese, if I'm not nursing a high maintenance, dairy allergic child!)

    And any high quality chocolate.

    And chips and salsa or guacamole.

    And sometimes a handful of chocolate chips and a spoonful of peanut butter.

    And any kind of cupcakes, as long as they're homemade. I do NOT like store bought cake.

    I should say I hardly ever eat any of this stuff except the bread and butter! But I like it all!

  7. I LOVE THE BROWN CHIPS in your Gardettos! My fav!

    I also love sunflower seeds;) I'm a hick! ha.

    Garlic hummus with wheat free crackers.

    Kalamata olives.

    Banana with peanut butter:)

    DORITOS are my sin! Along with Funins. I try not to eat either but if you put in front of my face I will attack! ha

  8. I knew opening the comments was just going to make me hungry... lol.

    chips and salsa
    ruffles and French onion dip

    Of course, since I live in this ridiculous Europe where I would have to make my own salsa or onion dip in order to snack on it, I rarely have these. What I actually snack on are:

    dried apricots
    quinoa salad
    chocolate milk
    nuts of all sorts

  9. I'm hungry now too, haha!

    E and I can pretty much devour an entire bag of Trader Joe's cheddar cheese puffs together in one sitting. Those things are delicious! :)

  10. mmmmm chocolate is ALways a great choice! i love fresh fruit, and smoothies, and crackers, and pretty much everything, ha! :) love hummus too.

  11. Apple with peanut butter or chocolate-covered almonds are my favorite semi-healthy snacks!

    Chips and fresh salsa... less healthy due to the corn but oh so good! :)

    Also "Food Should Taste Good" (yes that's the brand) GF multi-grain chips/crackers with a cream cheese spread on them.

    Greek yogurt with fruit or honey... mmmmm.

    Being GF, I can't eat most snacks anymore, so a good snack is a real treat.

  12. Trader Joe's sells these chocolate chip cookies in a bucket. I love them. I'm also a huge fan of Keebler's fudge cookies. And, I'm hungry now too!

    Hope everything starts improving for you soon Leila.

  13. I don't do much salty stuff, but if you call edamame a snack, I love it with salt on it. I also like soy crisps (like rice cakes but way way better) and recently rediscovered bananas with peanut butter-I wrote this before reading others and am cracking up that 2/11 say this! I eat multiple bowls of cereal a day, like banana nut crunch. Nuts, mmmm. And in case you thought I was healthy, chocolate is eaten with great regularity around my house (just by me!). A dark chocolate zone protein bar will do if the real deal isn't available. Basically, I love me some food.

  14. All this talk of cereal! I should have mentioned that I eat at least two bowls of Raisin Nut Bran a day! And I forgot about dark chocolate covered raisins!!

  15. I am not a snacker, partly due to my upbrining and partly to the fact that I am just too busy to eat and would much rather spend that time on something else (also you can't eat if you play the flute, which is my recent obsession) And because of that I have NO idea what to pack Jadin for a school snack. It's always the most stresseful part of my morning - deciding what to do with the school snack. I am already dreading the planning of school lunches next year.

  16. Oh I'm hungry!

    I LOVE Gardetto's too! The little brown chips are my favorite! At Publix they sell a bag that is just those yummy chips! Mmmmm! I may have to make a Publix run!

    I also love bananas and peanut butter, apples and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter. Sensing a trend here? :)

    I also really really love fresh baked cookies! Soft of course. I don't like crispy ones. Maybe I'll go bake some during MG's nap! :)

    Praying for you Leila!

  17. Thank you all for the prayers....

    After three days of non-stop HORRIFYING news (again and again and again), today we got some amazing, unexpected news: My son's friend Josh (a senior in high school) is entering the seminary in August! I am so happy to find something to rejoice about today!

  18. Who does not like a salty snack? Unfortunately where there is salt there is often carbs. still be able to snack I have had to change my snacking ways.

    My list...Peppered Beef Jerky, Hot Italian Dried Sausage, Green Olives, Greek olives, cucumbers in white vinegar, and dry roasted peanuts (but only a few). Also, sparkling water and humous. Sorry if I spelled humous wrong.

  19. Don't tell my husband, but... I'm passionately in love with two other men: Ben & Jerry. :P (Actually, my husband knows, he buys it for me from time to time!) I love me some ice cream.

    I also adore peanut butter cups and dark chocolate-covered almonds.

    For salty snacks, I too am an admitted Gardetto's addict.

    I love fresh-roasted garlic cloves slathered on French bread. Mmmmmm.

  20. Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers... my dog likes them too.

  21. That's wonderful about your good news, Leila!

    I snack on whatever is around. I'm a grazer but not a big meal eater. My kids favorite unhealthy snack is microwave s'mores. Just microwave the marshmallow in the microwave with the graham cracker, and then I drizzle a little chocolate on it. It's a little bit less messy if you go easy on the chocolate, but still a sticky mess!
    Anyway, the kids love it and it seems to fill them up.

  22. Becky, can you believe that I have since found out that it was an April Fool's joke?? He fooled everyone, including his grandma! It was so believable because he really would make a great priest!

  23. I love those gordettos! But I can't eat them anymore.... :( Boooooo!

    I'm OBSESSED with these for right now:

    I've been eating them for the past 3 weeks!!!

    I will always eat corn chips and salsa, peppers, cheese, cupcakes, DH birtday cake,

    Oh and these:

    I made them they were so good I ate all but three! Seriously I have self control issues. :)

    And I wonder why I'm not loosing weight! hahahaha

  24. Of course very little trumps Godiva, but on a regular day, Trader Joe's frozen, dark chocolate covered bananas are my current go- to survival aid. And my strangest combo fave is really sharp cheddar with dill pickles. Well, you asked :)

  25. My snacks are most always salty. I love hummus and fresh ships and homemade salsa!

  26. Nuttela and peanut butter mixed together on a ginger spice cookie eaten with cold milk.mmmmmmm

  27. Well, Doritos are a definite downfall of mine, so I usually don't buy them,but I seriously am obsessed with cool ranch.

    I've recently been obsessed with carrot sticks (not the mini carrots though, the big ones, cut up...I'm particular) and apples. I also love grapes with cottage cheese. Chips and Salsa are regulars, but I do have to be in the mood.

  28. Darn, that's too bad. We need more priests.

    Well, you never know. Maybe it's something he's thinking about. He thought enough about it to make it a joke, right?

  29. Becky, exactly! He is a very faithful young man. Truly priest material! We shall see! :)

  30. oh right in the middle of Lent! That's so wrong! ;)

    I love lindt chocolate, (gardettos are delish! I love those dark brown crunchy things the best) and we always keep this fresh salsa called Jacks (hot) on hand w/ tortilla chips...
    Does wine count?

  31. I heart snacks. I am a big chocolate girl, but since I gave it up for lent, I have been eating graham crackers with peanut butter and a glass of milk for my evening snack.

    During the day I try to snack on fruit (when I'm being a good girl) but I LOVE salt and vinegar potato chips. :)

  32. Chocolate chip cookies with milk! I bake them 2 times a week. My absolute favorite.

  33. I am an unhealthy snacker! This time of year, it is Cadbury mini eggs. Every day. I also love peanut butter, and will just eat it by the spoonful.

  34. Very rarely buy them, but I love unsalted cashews or fresh peanuts out of the shell. Or those sesame seed sticks that come in a lot of mixes...I don't snack very much - don't even like to eat much anymore - so,give me a nice cup of hot tea or coffee to relax with and a good book to read and that will do it for me!

  35. I must say, all these snacks sound yummy.

    -For me, Nutella on anything!
    -Banana w/ PB
    -Fruit smoothie (as of late)- FF vanilla yogurt, honey, strawb/blueb and ice.
    -Love Chocolate..kit kats are my fav.
    -Ice cream- Frozen yogurt, Ben and Jerrys choc chip cookie dough...ahhhh- heaven!
    -Olives!!! Love green olives. Goat cheese on celery

  36. I love chips and salsa, pepperoncini's (spicy and right out of the jar until my tongue is burned!), any kind of olives and cheese in just about any form.

  37. "I almost think the planet is off its axis."

    Actually, I heard somewhere that the earth's axis slightly shifted due to the big earthquake in/near Japan.

    I love chocolate chips cooks with milk. I also love chips and guacamole. Yum, yum.

  38. Ice cream - it's hands down, no questions asked my favorite snack.

  39. PICKLES!!!
    Hot italian cherry peppers!
    Salsa & chips
    Guacamole & chips or on my ezekiel bread (toasted, of course!)

    The things I would eat if I could:

    chocolate peanut butter ice cream

    Nutella, especially on a good piece of crusty french bread


    Boylans Black Cherry soda

    Root beer floats

    Brie cheese on french bread with red grapes


    Butter toffee


    Ok, I need to stop RIGHT now!

  40. kettle chips and Munchos. Which explains my hips (nine births have nothing to do with it).

  41. WHY did I just read all of these?! I am so hungry for so many things right now! hahaha.

    mmm chocolate chip cookies... chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the MIDDLE?!!! :) MM

  42. Raisin Nut bran is my all time fave cereal! Becky, I am glad I am not the only one who makes my own microwave smores! I have been doing it since college-yummy !

  43. Ummmm....going to raid the fridge now. Thanks Leila - not!

  44. I must say my snack faves have changed over the past few weeks :)

    I always have loved chocolate, but lately can't eat it and have been obsessed with fruit. Any kinds, but especially pineapple!

    Always have loved chips, any types. Lately I can't really eat them except sometimes tortilla chips and salsa.

    Fruit fruit fruit :)

  45. pretty much anything sweet. but especially chocolate or fruit snacks (the Target brand!).

  46. Coffee and cookies together are my winning combination. I love dunking the cookies in the coffee until they get soft. Unfortunately I gave up both sugar and coffee for lent, although I do still buy the sugar-free ones.


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