Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 Quick Pet Peeves, Premiere Edition!

Because I am too undisciplined to be consistent with "7 Quick Takes Friday" posts, and because they say you should always do what you're good at (which for me is complaining), I thought I'd institute a new feature called "3 Quick Pet Peeves," which I will post whenever I feel like taking those complaints public. ('Cause, you know, I'm trying to cut down on complaining to my family since I'm trying to be a better person, and it's always preferable to complain to a hundred people rather than to just a few, right?)

Without further ado:

1. I really hate that when I lose weight, I gain wrinkles! What kind of universe is this? A fallen one, for sure.

2. The foolish "feminist" bumper sticker that says, Well Behaved Women Never Make History. Ummmm.... Ever heard of Mother Teresa? Margaret Thatcher? The Blessed Virgin Mary?!! They all had manners, class, and were well behaved! And I'm guessing Betsy Ross and Ethel Merman were nice, too! Besides, is "making history" really the goal in life? Maybe for an atheist, since atheists believe this world is all there is, but not for this woman, thank you.

3. Round, synthetic-like shoelaces, which seem to have replaced the old, flat, cotton type. These round shoelaces never stay tied, thus defeating the whole function and goal of a shoelace!!

There you have it. Thanks for reading the first of many of my "3 Quick Pet Peeves"! I'd love to hear some of yours!

PS: Yes, I realize I have now begun three different "regular features" for my blog. The Doctrinal Quiz Show, the Little Teachings From the Bubble, and now 3 Quick Pet Peeves. I have no explanation, nor do I know when/where this blog feature madness will end!


  1. And you didn't even think you should start a blog....

    I love these! Great idea.

  2. I once saw a bumper sticker that read: Have Cats Not Kids. Honest to God! I died laughing.

  3. Kaitlin, I know! I was thinking about that this morning! I didn't think I'd have anything to say, and now I can't shut up. Ha!

    Danya, that is nuts!!

  4. Speaking of bumper family has made a habit of reciting (outloud) a "Hail Mary" when we see Obama bumper stickers. Unfortunately, we have to say A LOT - or is that rather fortunate...

  5. LOL, Leila! Preech it!

    I like that, Danya! I'm in!

  6. Well, regular features will keep you going and give you something to write about. It's funny because I wrote draft of a pet peeve post - and realized some of my things were really soapbox issues more than pet peeves:)

  7. Danya, I love it! I think that's a great idea!

    I have a pet peeve for you that drives me nuts! I cannot stand certain cliche sayings such as; hangs in the ballance, ground zero, etc. They are used all the time and for some reason they just get under my skin.

  8. Love your idea! Can't wait to use it! :)

  9. Thanks, guys!! :)

    Ann, I need to know the line between a pet peeve and a soapbox issue! Please let me know, because honestly I think I might overlap genres! Help!

    Karen, I love it! (But yipes, I am guilty!)

    GIMH, I can't wait, and please feel free to use my little picture/icon if you'd like. :)

  10. I love the new features! The shoelace one is hilarious.

  11. Not sure myself. Pet peeves are minor aggrivations and you probably couldn't write a paragraph about why it aggrivates you. You know how verbose I am, so that would knock just about everything into "soapbox" category for me :) All yours look good to me. #2 might be borderline for me, but there's no need to get technical :)

    When I was in college and working, we had "Pet Peeve Tuesday" at work(which I started). Someone would name a pet peeve - usually something that customers routinely said or did (but not always) - and then we would all see who enountered that pet peeve the most during the day and that coworker would win. It sounds stupid, but we were young & pet peeve Tuesday were a fun way to deal with the aggrivation that otherwise would make you mad.

  12. It's ok Leila. :) it's only the super dramatic ones that make me crazy. I'm pretty guilty myself. Hahaha!

  13. Oh, I have one!!! I have one!! People who can't spell and never proof anything!!! (aggravate) :)

  14. Ah...I love the shoelace pet peeve...especially as an E.C. teacher...I'm always tying and re-tying shoes. You are very it, love it, love it!

  15. LOL! #1--It is a fallen world! No more wrinkles or dieting in heaven!

  16. You guys are all a hoot!
    Ann, I love the idea of "Pet Peeve Tuesday" at work! Ha!
    And you are right about #2... it is borderline soapbox. I love the input on that, because it will help me save the soapbox issues for other posts. WAIT! Maybe I should start a Soapbox from the Bubble feature! Or, SoapBubbles! See, I can't stop.... it's an illness now!

  17. Leila, thanks for stopping by our blog! I responded to your comment there but wanted to put the info here in case it didn't get to you. I have a fair bit of info to pass along re: UP so email is probably best. Email me: maia from flower at gmail dot com. (take out spaces) I'll be happy to share my take! Sorry it took me so long to respond -- I saw the comment late and then, as I was responding, ran into blogger account problems. Anyhow, feel free to email and get my scoop!
    Also, love your 3 Quick Pet Peeves idea! Genius!

  18. I love this! And I totally agree with #2 and #3! Grrrrr!!!! I can't stand those stupid shoelaces either.
    And that bumper sticker makes me want to scream. Stupid, modern, liberal, anti-man, anti-baby, anti-marriage, anti-woman feminism!! Okay, I'll shut up now.


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