Sunday, May 9, 2010

How a fertile found the IF bloggers: The Sequel

(See Part One here.)

So, to continue....

I don't think I would have become a regular reader of the IF blogs if it weren't for one blogger in particular. Catching my attention like a neon sign at midnight was this dynamic woman calling herself "Sew Infertile"! Such a clever name, and so many, many, many, many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! I liked her immediately!

I also wondered if she sprinkled crack on her morning Corn Flakes.

But no, that was not possible, because we all know that crackheads are incredibly fertile... ba-dum-bump! (Did I get the IF humor right?)

Sew kept me hooked (My gosh what is this woman gonna say next??), and then I started to look around, clicking on her substantial blogroll. So many amazing ladies, so many pretty blogs.

I must confess that initially I had a hard time telling some of the bloggers apart. Lots of hope and prayers and trust in their blog names (a good thing!!) and every variation of flower imaginable, in various stages of bloom. A couple of bloggers had a similarly colored background, and I mixed them up for months. I have since gotten everyone straightened out. :)

I know this will sound strange, due to my advanced age (let's face it, I could technically be a mom to some of the IF girls), but I initially pictured many of the bloggers as older than myself, due to their profound wisdom and depth of faith. Their pictures and ages were often jarring in contrast to my mental image of them!

For the first few months I stayed quiet. I felt like an outsider, peeking into an exclusive and sacred space. I was a new kid on the block who definitely didn't fit in. I did not feel right intruding; however, I couldn't stay silent forever....

Now I will humiliate myself by recounting the first time I came out of lurkdom to comment on someone's blog. Keep in mind, I have grown since those days!

Okay, so someone had posted about the expense of home pregnancy tests, and many others responded in agreement. I thought, "Aha! I can be of help to these wonderful ladies! I'll make myself useful!" So I posted a comment informing the bloggers that -- wait for it -- the dollar store sold pregnancy tests! Yup, didn't ya know?! ("Um, yes, Leila, everyone knows...."). Hey, at least I didn't pop in during the early weeks spouting my brilliant knowledge that flax seed oil was the cure for infertility. (cringe!)

Moving right along....

I slowly, steadily, began to comment on different blogs, with riveting and memorable gems like, "I'm praying for you!" or "That's such a cute picture!" Profound stuff, no?

At some point, and for what reason I don't remember, I got up my courage and... I emailed Sew!

All right, I admit it! I was a groupie!! These were rock stars to me, and Sew was the lead singer! She was so kind when she responded, and I swear I felt like I had just been allowed backstage! Yee-haw, I was in with Sew!

I had infiltrated the IF bloggers.

It was a happy day. :)

Since those early days, I was peer-pressured into starting my own blog, and more IF Catholic bloggers have come on the scene. Wanna know how boldly confident I feel about my place in the IF blogger world now? Well, get a load of this: Check out who welcomed Hebrews when she first introduced herself! Ha! The gall of me, but I did it! You all have created a monster, ha ha ha!! (Sometimes I feel like the self-appointed house mother of this IF sorority!)

Now, I have often said that I wish I could somehow transfer my fertility to the IF bloggers. Of course that is impossible, and yet... there sure has been a tidal wave of pregnancies and adoptions 'round these parts. Some folks (who have right reason and sound judgement) might conclude that the awesome prayer buddy network at Advent and Lent have something to do with all that. Or, Jeremiah's pilgrimage to Lourdes. Or all the petitions, prayers, and offered sufferings.

But it seems to me that it all began after I arrived on the scene. Hmmmm.....

Just sayin'.

Tee hee.


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this!!! And you are right... Sew is a rockstar!! Ha!!

  2. Haha, this was hilarious! :) I agree- Sew is a hoot and I was super excited the first time she emailed me too, haha! Thanks for all your sweet comments Leila! :)

  3. I love you being a "house mother" to all of us! I am so glad to have your support!

  4. Maybe if I rubbed up against you I could catch some of your fertility!

    Tee hee

    You're right, Sew is a rockstar. She keeps all of us entertained!

  5. I got hooked on Sew very quickly as well :). She's quite a woman! And her blog is always a fun read :).

  6. You are a hoot! And we are glad to have you and your insight around! I feel like I should know you or something because I am close friends with a mom of 8 young ones who lives in Phoenix. Are you SURE your name is not Jenni??? :)

  7. This is such a funny post and you nailed Sew's personality!!!!!!!! Hysterical!

    Anyway, You are so very sweet and a wonderful blog "mother" to us.

  8. You are so funny! I've looked back at some post and I really don't know what you are talking about! hahahahaha

    Sew is the real me with a little buzz! I'm actually quiet in person! ;)

    And yes, I do agree, you feel like the house mother! Because I sure ask you questions I would only ask my mother! hahaha

    I remember when Hebrews came you emailed me to let me know!!! hahaha I thought dang she is informed! :) hahaha

    So glad you are here! You just might be our good luck charm!!!

  9. Where is my comment? test...test..

  10. seriously, Leila... this is a great post! I love it! You crack me up!

    You're just such a gem...

  11. So funny!!!!

    You are definitely a blessing.

  12. Wow! Maybe you are responsible for the blessings others have received.

  13. I love it! I agree that you are probably involved in this recent string of blessing that people have received :). I love the crackhead joke.

  14. All you ladies are so great. I only WISH I had the power to make you all mothers... You all so richly deserve it.

    And, I am happy to hear that the crackhead joke was a good one. ha ha!

  15. So glad you are a part of this group! And thank you for commenting on my blog so often! It helped me find you and now you are on my google reader list!

    I hear ya about getting bloggers confused for a time! I had to laugh at so much of what you wrote! Ha ha!

  16. Just saw this post - so funny!! Even though im now "one of them" -- ive been lurking around for a while and know exactly what you mean! PS - thanks for following my blog :-)

  17. Well Hebrew has now connected me to you! Love your cleaver post! Sew found my blog last year at this time and connected me with everyone too. While we only struggled a couple more months after I started my blog... it was so comforting to find this community online and see the other women who knew about Catholic IF. Looking forward to what you have to say next...

  18. Well Hebrew has now connected me to you! Love your cleaver post! Sew found my blog last year at this time and connected me with everyone too. While we only struggled a couple more months after I started my blog... it was so comforting to find this community online and see the other women who knew about Catholic IF. Looking forward to what you have to say next...

  19. After I saw your comment I had to come see who you were with such a beautiful name. Oh my word. This post made me laugh out loud.

    Crack on her cornflakes. Love it. You put to words what we all think and feel about this blogger world....

    You are a gifted writer - with just the right dose of humor. I look forward to reading!

  20. I'm a "groupie" as well! Whenever I see anybody comment on my blog (the women I've been inspired by for so long!), I'm starstruck a little bit! lol :)

  21. I am finally catching how you got started! So funny how you tell it. You were already well established when I came into this group in the fall of 2010. YOU welcomed me with open arms and even had me on your blog roll for awhile. I think my readership was way up at that time!!


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