Scavenger hunt continued! How the Pullanos found their son.

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So, at Stacy's recommendation, Karen came to my Little Catholic Bubble blog for the first time and found some comfort in my admission that I do not take my youngest babies to mass. She then spent a good deal of time clicking around, reading different articles that caught her attention. Finally, Karen clicked on "My Reversion Story" at the top of the blog, which brought her to my article entitled "I Was Robbed!"

She was stunned, realizing that my story was actually quite familiar to her and her extended family!

She decided to contact me, and on August 4, 2012, I received this email from Karen Pullano:
Hi Leila 
I wanted to send a quick note to introduce myself - normally I just comment on something awesome - but your blog is all too awesome so this seemed easier! 
I'm new to the blogosphere ( and just learning the ropes - about something I NEVER thought I'd do.  The Lord just kept blaring these moments of my life at me that previously were only that - mere moments of my life - but now take on extraordinary meaning.  So I write them and blog them - not sure who's reading but I'll just keep doing it until He gives me a different direction. 
Anyway - Stacy Transancos directed me here for an awesome post about taking kids to church and I've been lurking around for days in awe and wonder of the diversity you tackle here - and tackle extremely well I might add! 
The reason I finally decided to email you is this.  I decided to click on your Reversion story and I just thought you might like to hear (before you see it all in heaven) about a little piece of the journey your story has taken.  A friend of a friend of a friend emailed it to my sister in law a couple of years ago and she in turn mass emailed it around, at which point it landed happily in my inbox.  It resonates so well with so many - it seems to be the story of cradle catholics everywhere!  I printed it out and passed it on to a nurse whose husband was so disillusioned with the catholic church he just decided to be nothing.  I've passed it on and on and on over the past couple years.  My brother and sister-in-law and I refer to "I was robbed" in the course of our faith conversations on a regular basis!  It's become a household term. 
The email version that I originally got had your name of course but no mention of any blog site and I never knew or looked to see who you were. 
So now imagine me finding your blog and being thrilled enough with it that I've shirked the kids and house as much as possible to lurk here and then finding "I was robbed".  Couldn't believe it.  but of course I could :) 
Thank you for writing it.  Thank you for your blog. 
Love, a sister in Christ

Of course, I was thrilled, and I wrote her back, telling her so. I thought that was the end of our short and happy acquaintance, but God had other plans.

Karen had been looking around a little bit more on my blog, until she made one more fateful click at the top, on the tab labeled, "My Other Blog". That was the click that landed her here:

And that is your next stop on the scavenger hunt, but you must read this next instruction very carefully. Karen landed on my Orphan Report blog and started clicking on the tabs at the top, the tabs that had orphans' names. Nicholas' tab was on the top row of two rows. I have since added more rows, but this is similar to what Karen saw in early August, 2012:

When you click through to my Orphan Report, please find Nicholas' tab. I have restored it there for purposes of our scavenger hunt, so please click it to get to the next step!

Happy hunting!


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