How Does Gay Marriage Affect You, Anyway?

The ways in which gay "marriage" affects all of us, Christians in particular, are copious and expanding every day.

What I want to do with this page is simply add a link every time I come upon a new blow against religious liberty and conscience rights, a new fine or lawsuit, or a new distortion of the understanding of family (which especially affects the children).

For the record, it’s important to realize that no matter how many legal and personal injustices we put forth as evidence for the other side to see, no matter how much religious liberty is lost and conscience rights stripped, no matter how long the list becomes, the response will often come back: “You want to run a business/keep your job/not be fined? Stop discriminating!”

You see, the other side does not understand that rights of conscience and religious liberty are not granted to us by a magnanimous state, they are inherent human rights that come from God and they are inviolable. To believe that the state is the arbiter of what is “religious enough” or what is an “acceptable” practice of our Faith is to get things exactly backwards.

When peacefully opposing sin and even politely declining to participate in sinful events or activities becomes “discrimination” under law, then we Catholics become legal “discriminators”. And when we are law-breakers for being Catholic, you can bet that gay "marriage" and the LGBT agenda affects me and the whole of society.

The Founders intended to safeguard churches and religious liberty from the interference and coercion of the state, not the other way around.

To the evidence (right now in no particular order, but I hope to get this organized soon!):

Unanimous Court Decision Orders This Florist Grandmother to Lose Her Home, Her Business, Her Retirement -- Everything -- Because She Politely Refused to Participate in a Longtime Gay Customer's "Wedding"

Five Ways Gay Marriage Affects You Personally

"The Price of Citizenship"? New Mexico Supreme Court rules Christian must photograph same-sex ceremony

Jack Phillip's story

Sermons on biblical sexuality illegal in Iowa?

Yes, Marriage Will Change -- and Here's How

Collateral Damage: Same-Sex Marriage, Private Religious Schools, and Parental Rights

"Shut Up, Bigot!": Civil Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

By the way....

The Witherspoon Institute's Public Discourse page is an online journal of the very best thinkers on these and other social issues. As a parent, and simply as an American, you should be reading Public Discourse regularly. You can search just about any topic you need, and you will be presented with the most thoughtful and reasoned case for whatever subject that might be:

Okay, onward with more links:

Tough Times For Catholic Adoption Agencies

Will the Catholic Church be hurt by the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage?

Here it is: Complete catalogue of 'same-sex marriage' violations of faith

Gay Teacher Files Federal Discrimination Lawsuit Against Catholic School

If you really care about this issue, and if you really want to know what the heck happened and how we go to this place (and where we are going and how to stop the slide), you simply must take the time to listen to this talk by Princeton's Professor Robert P. George. My wonderful and holy shepherd, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, was in the audience, nodding in agreement. It is a thorough overview of the implementation of the LGBT agenda and gay "marriage, " and it explains painfully how Catholics and all people of good will are affected by it -- and even how many of our own brethren in Christ were patronized and duped into complicity:

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