Friday, July 2, 2010

A couple quick things...

(So sorry to interrupt the riveting discussion about toilet paper on the previous post. Feel free to keep commenting on that post, though, because can toilet paper really ever be discussed enough?)

First, I am SO EXCITED to be a part of the Prayer Buddies this time around! And, I couldn't be more thrilled about the person I am praying for! I hope I will do right by you, Prayer Buddy! Yippee!!! Thanks JBTC, TCIE and Sew for organizing this impressive effort!

Second, is it really tacky to become an "Amazon Associate" or whatever they call it? Meaning, a blogger signs up with Amazon to receive 15% of any purchase made through a recommendation on the blog? I have linked books to Amazon in the past, and I will be linking to books in the future, so why not bring in a couple of bucks if someone chooses to buy it from Amazon through my blog? It would make my husband think my blog was productive, ha! But is the whole idea tacky?? Tell me what you think and be honest!

Oh, and for anyone who is still dragging her feet on her faith story, consider this my gentle prompting.

Sorry, Sew, this is another boring post, but I will do better next time and stir up some controversy for you, I promise! ;)


  1. I don't think it is tacky. I would do it . . . if I read a lot.

  2. Killing me. Do whatever makes you happy and get back to blogging! LMBO!

    If your blog takes long to load I'm going to kick you booty!

  3. I'm all about making/saving... you should do it. I'm looking forward to those recommendations. No booty kicking Sew!

  4. I for one am enjoying the non-controversial blog posts for a bit. I don't know how much more I could take. At one point it was like "turn away, just do it, or you will be SUCKED in"! Just kidding, well partially! I think you ladies are AWESOME and wonderful apologists and represent the faith amazingly well. I would always want you in my corner. And don't get me wrong, I am a choleric / sanguine by nature, so I react very quickly and don't usually shy away from a debate. But I guess here is my dilemna / question - I always find it easier to debate, or should I say "discuss" stuff like this in person. Because you can see the person's body language, here their tone, etc. Granted the internet isn't really conducive to that, but have you found that you have had to change how you express your opinions, when the medium is just via the screen? Honest question - I am not trying to stop the discussions. Heaven knows I have learned a TON and am very grateful for that. So keep it up!

    Oh, and lest you think I can't be controversial...I am a toilet paper over the top kind of gal (ALWAYS). But have not resorted to changing other people's toilet paper - that would just seem like sacrilege to invade someone's privacy like that. Leila - your instructions about "forced conversion" were hilarious and I am in total agreement!

    God Bless you Leila and all the other AMAZING Catholic apologists in our "little Catholic bubble". Deo Gratias!

  5. does 'faith story' theme only apply to Catholic community? Or can I get in on that?

  6. The first thing Mr JB asked me when I told him about my blog was, "Will it make us any money?" He was disappointed when I said probable not! You're not forcing us to buy anything, so why not have a link to Amazon!

    Btw, I'm totally a tp over the top girl, the hubs isn't. And yes I do flip the tp around, but just at my house!!!

  7. I think it's a great idea. It doesn't force us to do anything, but it helps out your family.

  8. JBTC: I am like you and deal much better with face-to-face where I can gauge a person's personality and body language. That doesn't mean I'm good at keeping my mouth shut (or my fingers still, as the case may be).

  9. JBTC, yes, I think it's a different kind of debate when it's in person. I think I am much softer in person, and that is probably better in some sense, but also I cannot express myself as well. I do better when I can explain something through writing. Great question! It's true that it's a whole different enchilada. Love all your thoughts, and you are so funny about the tp!!

    Thanks guys on the Amazon feedback! I think I will do it, then. It will keep hubby feeling good about the blogging, ha ha! And Sew, I don't think it's like having a bunch of ads, so I'm guessing the load time is the same?

    Olya, I think it would be great if you write your faith story! Everyone did theirs on their own blogs. I only link the Catholic ones back to my site, though, because my purpose is to show the journey to the Catholic Church. But, absolutely, I think it's always wonderful to give your testimony, how you came to Christ.

    Thanks for the great feedback ladies!

  10. Nah-not tacky at all. We could all use a buck!

    And about that faith story......that's on my list to do once the brain fuzz clears :)

  11. I do it- not to rasie money (I just started last month so who knows if I"ll earn anything) but because it makes posting SO MUCH EASIER!!! I was opening one screen on google images to find the book cover and another screen on amazon to find the link. Now I do both from my blogging screen! I love it!

  12. Kaitlin, Yay!

    Lauren, could you email me and let me know how to do that from the blogger screen? I already signed up, but now I am clueless!

  13. I know, I know.. I've got to post my faith story. I will... it's just not that exciting at all!

  14. Leila, I'll be glad to help you out with this. Send me an email if you like and I'll walk you through it all.

  15. Will try to finish my faith story this week. For some reason the broken finger also made me feel like I couldn't write anything serious (then I wrote serious stuff anyway but not the serious stuff I was supposed to write?).

    The Amazon Associate sounds awesome actually. When you recommend a book you are offering free advertising essentially. Why not get credit?


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